The Emerson Edition April Construction Update 

Common Areas
The bulk of the earthworks and in ground hydraulic and civil services are now complete. The Western boundary retaining wall and fencing, as well as Eastern Entry statement masonry wall is complete. The site main water meter and internal water reticulation is complete and site power and meters have also been connected. The internal roadway through the site is complete. 

Building 1 (Terraces 1 and 2)
Externally, scaffolding has been removed. Internally, plaster work is essentially complete, timber flooring and joinery is installed and final painting works have nearly reached completion. 

Building 2 (Terraces 3 – 8)
There has been great movement this month, the joinery installation is now complete and services fit off is underway. Internally, the paint work throughout is well advanced. 

Building 3 (Terraces 9 – 13)
These terraces are essentially complete and have now been commissioned. Independent defect inspections of each of the terraces are now underway. 

Building 4 (Terraces 14 and 15)
These terraces are close to completion and have been commissioned. For sales purposes, Terrace 15 has been styled.