Welcome to the latest construction update for One Earle Lane.

In-ground stormwater drainage works within the site are currently at 70% completion, ensuring effective water management. Along Sylvan Road, we've reached substantial completion of the project frontage, receiving final approval from the Brisbane City Council to proceed with pit upgrade works necessary for crossing Sylvan Road. These works will commence in December.

Milestones have been achieved in the upper basement, with the upper basement slab, blockwork to Level 1, and concrete walls for the lift shaft and stair core all reaching 100% completion.

The concrete columns from the upper basement to Level 1 have been fully formed, reinforced and poured, ensuring the structural integrity of the building.

Vertical expansion is evident with the 100% completion of formwork and reinforcement for the Level 1 suspended deck, while the Level 1 slab reinforcement has also reached 100%. Services conduits necessary for the Level 1 suspended slab are now 100% complete.

Additionally, we have completed the formwork, reinforcement and pouring of all Level 1 to Level 2 columns and concrete walls in the month of October.

The level 2 slab has now reached 50% completion with half of the slab poured on the last day of October.

In the lower basement, electrical services rough-in and fire services rough-in are at 35% completion, vital for the functionality and safety of the building.The continuous progress at One Earle Lane signifies our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional residences. Stay tuned for more updates as we progress towards completion.

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