Welcome to the April construction update for One Five Six by Azure in New Farm. We're thrilled to share the latest progress on our journey to bring this stunning development to life.

This month, we've seen significant advancements across various aspects of the project. The scaffold dismantling for the eastern and western façades is now 95% complete, bringing us closer to the final stages of construction. Similarly, the scaffold dismantling for the northern and southern façades has reached 80% completion, further enhancing the buildings façade.

We're pleased to announce that the builders' hoist removal is now 100% complete, contributing to the overall aesthetics of the site. Additionally, the stormwater pit council connection is at 90% completion, ensuring efficient drainage throughout the area. The water meter council connection has also been successfully completed, marking another milestone in the project's progress.

Work on the metalwork cladding, reveals, planter box, and balustrade installation for the northern and southern façades is well underway, with 90% completion achieved. The external render works are 95% complete, adding to the building's visual appeal.

Internally, progress continues with all-level glazing installation at 95% completion and lift lobby plasterboard installation work at 60% completion. We've also made significant strides in timber floor installation, painting, appliance installation, and electrical, mechanical, and hydraulics services fit-off in both the lower and upper-level basements.

On Level 1, the communal pool formwork, reinforcing and pour have been completed, with the communal plunge pool tiling at 75% complete. Communal tiling works have also commenced, contributing to the amenity of the building.

Rooftop works are progressing well, with the pool formed, reinforced, and poured at 100% completion. Landscaping on the rooftop is 75% complete, while rooftop tiling works are at 40% completion.

Additionally, rubbish chute installation works are 95% complete, lift installation is at 95% completion, and building services deliveries are ongoing.

As we move forward, we remain dedicated to delivering excellence at every stage of the project. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to make progress towards the completion of One Five Six by Azure in New Farm.

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