We are pleased to provide you with the latest construction update for One Five Six in New Farm. Here are the key highlights of the progress made so far.

Level 2 reinforcement steel and post tension tendon works have been completed, marking a significant milestone in the construction process. Additionally, the formwork, reinforcement and pouring of the Level 2 slab have been successfully executed, further advancing the construction progress.

The connection of the water meter to the mains water supply has been successfully completed. Ongoing survey works for the Level 2 and 3 structures are providing crucial data for accurate construction and alignment.

The construction of vertical concrete columns from Level 2 to Level 3 is currently underway, with 20% completion achieved. Additionally, the removal of temporary formwork backpropping from basement levels is scheduled to take place over the coming week or so when the recently poured level 2 slab reaches its design strength.

The scaffold erection for Level 2 has been completed, ensuring safe access and support for ongoing construction activities at that level. Meanwhile, the scaffold erection for Level 3 is in progress, currently 20% complete.

Deliveries of necessary materials such as formwork, reinforcement steel, and blockwork for the Level 3 structure are ongoing. Simultaneously, installation works for basement levels services are progressing, ensuring the provision of essential utilities throughout the development.

To facilitate the basement construction, temporary dewatering works remain ongoing. These measures are essential for managing groundwater and maintaining a stable construction environment. Reduction in dewatering requirements will continue over the coming months as we head towards the pouring of the Level 3 slab in mid-June

In summary, One Five Six has achieved significant milestones, including the completion of Level 1 structure and forming, reinforcing and pouring of the Level 2 slab as well as the water meter connection. Ongoing activities such as survey works, vertical column and wall construction, scaffold erection and services installation are driving the project forward. The construction team is committed to delivering a high-quality development, and we look forward to providing you with further updates as we progress towards completion.

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