Our story began with the creation of a single luxury home. Since then, the same spirit and enduring philosophy has been the cornerstone of all that we do.

We are inspired by people and the way they live. It's this inspiration that has become Azure's hallmark and point of difference. With each project we demonstrate this clarity of thought along with our commitment to design excellence.

Our team share our vision. They are passionate people who are incredibly proud of the places we have created. With a collective 60 years of property expertise we ensure every customer has an experience that goes beyond design and construction into the fabric of their daily lives.

Great design is not about moments in time, it’s about defying time. It is clever and it has a soul. It’s the culmination of the measurable and unmeasurable in order to create a feeling that is special. Special forever.


Founded in 2014, Azure stands as a privately owned enterprise specialising in real estate development and investment.

Operating as a fully integrated development business, Azure encompasses divisions dedicated to construction, property management, and caretaking. Over the course of the past nine years, the team has achieved remarkable success, delivering over 1000 dwellings across Queensland. As a result, Azure has curated a prestigious portfolio of highly sought-after addresses in Australia.
Company Overview
Azure Living

Azure Living

Redefining property management

Imagine your property being managed by an experienced, attentive and personable team, who streamline and look after all aspects of your asset, giving you more time to relax.

In a new age of property management where your contentment and prosperity is our first priority, we welcome you to Azure Living.
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"Craftmanship. It's not about making something that meets expectations. It's about creating something that changes them."

Todd Carmichael