Welcome to the final construction update for Seasons by Azure. We're absolutely delighted to share the most recent advancements with you as we approach the final stages of our project.

Our current focus is on Stage 1, encompassing Terraces 43 - 68, as we near the final stages of completion and closeout activities. This phase involves a range of tasks, including the completion of landscaping, thorough handover inspections, and ensuring the communal areas meet the highest standards.

Noteworthy developments in this stage include the recent pool pebblecrete installation, preparations for the gym fit-off, the successful fit-off completion of the steam room and sauna. Tiling and stonework are also making progress, enhancing the overall aesthetics and functionality.

Stage 2, which encompasses Terraces 1 - 42, have reached significant milestones across the residences.

The first coat painting has been successfully completed, adding a finishing touch to the interiors of these terraces.

Tiling and cabinetry work is well underway for Terraces 33 to 42, contributing to the functionality and aesthetic appeal of these living spaces.

Terraces 17 to 32 are currently undergoing internal gyprock installation and carpentry fix-outs, bringing them closer to their final form.

For Terraces 21 - 32, the rendering work is complete, contributing to the distinct appearance of these terraces.

External cladding installation is in progress for Terraces 17 - 20, further enhancing the facade of the buildings.

These achievements reflect our unwavering commitment to delivering a high-quality residential community and we eagerly await for residents to begin moving in as the Seasons Community is brought to life.

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