Welcome to the latest construction update for The Terraces by Azure. We are thrilled to unveil the exceptional progress achieved this month, as we continue to shape this remarkable residential development.

Terraces 1 to 5 stand tall with all framing now fully complete, while Terraces 6 to 9 proudly showcase trusses in place, with tie-down underway. Over at Terraces 18 to 24, framing is also complete, and roofing is set to commence this week.

Terraces 25 to 38 are shaping beautifully, with fully completed frames and roofs. The addition of planter box blockwork adds a touch of greenery to these exquisite residences. Plumbing rough-ins have reached 50% completion, and windows are now installed.

Terraces 39 to 53 have seen significant developments. They are now fully roughed in, with 80% of sheeting complete. Stairs are 25% installed, and external cladding is 85% complete, adding the finishing touches to these exquisite residences.

Terraces 10 to 17 are drawing closer to completion, with 95% of the rough-in work now finished, and sheeting scheduled to commence this week. The roof is already in place, and cladding is underway.

The communal area is flourishing, with the pavilion's ground floor slab and columns fully poured. The suspended concrete roof is taking shape with formwork in progress. The Bin Store's ground floor slab and columns are also fully poured, and masonry walls have been laid. The suspended concrete roof is fully formed, awaiting the concrete pour.

Internal freestanding blockwork walls are also making headway, with footings dug and masonry underway. As we near the end of the carpentry framework, the bones of the structure are taking form, providing the foundation upon which everything else takes shape.

We are dedicated to crafting homes that reflect elegance and sophistication, and with each passing milestone, The Terraces by Azure is inching closer to becoming an extraordinary destination, where elevated living meets architectural excellence.

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