Welcome to the final construction update for The Terraces by Azure. We're excited to share our progress this month as we work toward bringing our vision for these residences to life.

Terraces 1-5 and Terraces 6-9 have reached significant milestones, completing external rendering and painting. The interiors are shaping up with finished painting, joinery, and tiling.

Simultaneously, we're progressing with AC, electrical, and plumbing fit-offs, completing driveways, and initiating landscaping.

Moving to Terraces 10-17, external render and paint are now finished, along with internal painting. Joinery and tiling are completed, and AC, electrical, and plumbing fit-offs are ongoing.

Driveways and footpaths are done, enhancing the charm of these residences.

Terraces 18-24 are making excellent headway, completing external render and paint. Interior painting is done, with joinery and tiling in progress. External screens are installed, driveways and footpaths are complete, and landscaping is well underway.

Similarly, Terraces 25-38 are receiving the finishing touches, completing external rendering and painting. Interior painting, joinery, and tiling are concluded, and AC, electrical, and plumbing fit-offs are underway. Driveways and footpaths are now complete.

Terraces 39-53 showcase a well-developed interior with completed joinery, AC, electrical, and plumbing fit-offs. Garage doors and external screens are installed, and the finishing touches are being added with completed driveways and footpaths.

In the communal area, the pavilion rooftop gardens are complete, featuring newly planted palm trees contributing to overall landscaping. Pebblecrete work is finished, and the pool is filled, enhancing the communal space. The completion of the pool fencing and gate ensures both safety and aesthetic appeal.

Refuse Enclosure 2 and Refuse Enclosure 1 have undergone meticulous render and paint work, presenting a polished appearance.

These achievements reflect our unwavering commitment to delivering a high-quality residential community and we eagerly await for residents to begin moving in as The Terraces Community is brought to life.

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