Welcome to the latest construction update for One Five Six by Azure. We're excited to reveal the significant progress we've achieved in crafting these extraordinary residences.

Level 6 now stands complete with scaffold erection, ensuring secure access and steadfast support for ongoing construction. The rooftop, as well as structures on Level 5 and 6, continue to receive timely deliveries of formwork, reinforcement steel and blockwork.

Vertical progress is evident with the completion of concrete columns from Level 5 to 6, along with fully laid, reinforced and corefilled blockwork walls.

A significant milestone was achieved with the installation of the false formwork, reinforcement and pouring of the Level 6 slab. Ongoing survey work maintains precision for Level 5 and Level 6 structures.

Moving skyward, significant headway is made in the rooftop terrace area. Scaffold erection for the Roof Terrace is 25% complete, while vertical columns from Level 6 to the Roof Terrace are now standing tall.

Blockwork walls from Level 6 to the Level 7 Roof Terrace are underway, currently at 20% completion. Meanwhile, the removal of temporary formwork backprops from Level 1 has been successful.

In the Lower and Upper Level Basements, electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic service fit-offs are at 75% completion. Waterproofing for Level 1 and 2 window and door reveals is almost complete.

On Level 1, aluminium and glazing installation works has commenced and is approximately  20% complete. Internal metal stud wall framing is now 80% complete.

Progress of rough-in works for mechanical, fire, and hydraulic services on Level 1 is at 65%, ensuring seamless provision of essential utilities. The Level 2 fire and hydraulic services rough-in works are in progress at 50% completion. Fire services rough-ins for Levels 3 and 4 have commenced, paving the way for further progress.

As you can see, One Five Six by Azure has made significant advancements. Stay tuned for more updates as these exceptional residences evolve.

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