Welcome to the latest construction update for The Terraces by Azure. As we reflect on the past month, we're thrilled to share the impressive strides we've made in shaping this exceptional residential haven.

Terraces 1 to 9 and 25 to 38 are progressing well. Trusses and party walls are complete, and tie-down operations are underway. Roofing installation is in progress, enhancing the structural integrity of these buildings.

Terraces 10 - 17 are making substantial strides. All rough-in work has been successfully completed, with scaffolding now installed to support ongoing activities. Cladding is nearing completion, adding the finishing touches to this elegant structure. Roofing work is now finished, bringing us closer to the final stages of development.

Terraces 25 to 38 are taking shape with cladding in progress, while tie-down operations are now complete. The installation of windows is a significant step forward, inviting natural light into the residences. Scaffold work is fully complete, and rough-in operations have commenced, signifying steady progress. Roofing work has reached completion.

In Terraces 39 - 53, we're thrilled to announce that roofing work has been completed, marking a significant milestone. All rough-ins are now finalised, and the sheeting is in place, creating a solid foundation for the next stages of construction. Cladding in FC and Hebel materials is at an impressive 95%, further enhancing the building's aesthetics.

In the communal areas, there's significant progress to report. The pool shell is now fully complete, and the pavilion's footings, slab, columns, and suspended roof deck are also finished. Blockwork walls for fencing are nearing completion, adding privacy and aesthetic appeal to these areas.

Both Refuse Enclosure 1 and 2 are making significant headway. Footings, slabs, and blockwork are fully complete with roof framing for the Refuse Enclosure 1 underway.

Stay tuned as we journey forward, crafting The Terraces by Azure into a masterpiece of residential excellence.

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