Welcome to the May construction update for One Five Six by Azure in New Farm. We're thrilled to share the latest progress onsite.

The dismantling of the scaffolding on the eastern and western façades is almost complete, standing at an impressive 95%, while the northern and southern façades are not far behind at 90%. The stormwater pit council connection has been fully completed, marking a significant milestone.

The installation of metalwork cladding, reveals, planter boxes, and balustrades on the northern and southern façades is almost complete. The team has also made remarkable strides with external render works, which are now 95% complete.

The installation of internal doors on Level 1 is advancing, with 30% doors now in place. Glazing installation across all levels is nearly done, reaching 95%. The lift lobby plasterboard installation is progressing well, currently at 60%, and the painting works across all levels are at 80%. Appliance installations are also making significant headway, standing at 70%.

In the lower and upper basements, the fit-off of electrical, mechanical, and hydraulics services is nearing completion. Joinery installation for levels 1 to 5 is at 80%, with level 6 following at 40%. The stone installation on levels 1 to 5 has reached 75%, and the installation of shower screens and doors for these levels is at 70%. Tiling works across all apartments are at 80%, timber floor installations are 70% complete, and the installation of hydraulic sanitary fixtures and tapware is at 60%. Electrical fit-off works for levels 1 to 5 are 65% complete.

The communal area is shaping up beautifully. On level 1, the plunge pool tiling is 75% complete, and tiling for the main communal pool has begun. The mailbox structure installation is at 75%, and landscape works are now underway. The rooftop is coming together, with pool works at 90%, landscaping at 75%, and tiling at 40% completion. Building services deliveries continue to flow in, keeping everything on track.

We are incredibly proud of the progress onsite and can’t wait to share more updates as we move closer to completion.

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