Welcome to the latest construction update for Saville by Azure. We're thrilled to share the progress made throughout March.

In Building 1, the roofs have been installed, and cladding is set to start this week, marking a significant step forward in the construction process.

Building 2 has reached a milestone, with framing now complete. Scaffold has been installed, getting the building ready for the final roofs, making it the last building in this phase of development.

Meanwhile, in Buildings 3, 4, and 5, services final fit-off is underway, with concrete footpaths and driveways installed. Landscaping has also commenced, setting the stage for the exterior aesthetics.

The Carpet and shower screens are scheduled to begin installation for these buildings early April.

In Building 6 and Building 8, scaffold has been dropped, and tiling and joinery works are now in progress, bringing these buildings closer to completion.

Building 7 is progressing well, with only three units remaining to be sheeted. Stairs are also being installed, adding to the internal infrastructure.

As we move to the pool pavilion, the framing has been finalised and is now poised for roof installation, marking a significant step towards the completion of this essential amenity.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to make strides in shaping Saville into a vibrant community in Richlands.

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