Welcome to the latest construction update for Munro by Azure. Throughout March, several key milestones have been achieved, contributing to the advancement of the project.

The building pads, including the communal area pad, have been successfully completed, laying the foundation for the development's infrastructure.

Retaining walls are currently around 75% completed, enhancing both the aesthetics and structural integrity of the site.

In-ground sewer and stormwater works are continuing to progress, ensuring efficient drainage systems are in place.

The in-ground electrical works have commenced, paving the way for reliable power distribution throughout the development.

Site sheds have been delivered, and temporary services are connected, providing essential facilities for on-site operations.

Plumbing under slab works have commenced for the first terraces, marking the beginning of construction for individual residences.

As we look ahead, pending weather conditions, several upcoming works are on the horizon.

We aim to complete new stormwater connection works to the existing townhouse development carpark area, ensuring comprehensive drainage solutions.

We will also commence River Road civil and road widening works, improving accessibility and connectivity to the surrounding area. Additionally, we intend to begin laying the first concrete slabs for the terraces and implementing internal road works.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments as we continue to shape the Munro community.

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