Welcome to the latest construction update for Willow by Azure in North Lakes. We're excited to share the progress made throughout May.

We are pleased to report that internal in-ground stormwater works and water mains are nearing completion, marking significant progress in our infrastructure development. Additionally, in-ground electrical works have been completed for 82% of the buildings.

Plumbing under slab works are also progressing well, with completion achieved for 73% of the buildings. Notably, the first slab has been poured for terrace 1 and 2, a milestone in the construction process.

The all-weather access has been completed for 50% of the internal road, enhancing accessibility throughout the site.

Looking ahead, several key milestones are on the horizon. Slabs for Terraces 3 to 10 are set to be completed by the end of May, while concrete slab works will continue to progress for terraces 1 to 21, paving the way for terraces 22 to 37.

Additionally, termite penetrations and perimeter protection on slabs are progressing in line with concrete slab installations, ensuring the longevity and integrity of our structures. The completion of retaining walls and all-weather access roads are also imminent.

We look forward to sharing more exciting developments as we continue to shape the vibrant Willow community in North Lakes.

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