Welcome to the May construction update for Munro by Azure in Bundamba. We're excited to share the latest progress made throughout the month.

This month, we've achieved several key milestones. The retaining walls are now complete, providing essential structural support. Internal in-ground stormwater and water mains works have been completed, ensuring efficient water management and supply throughout the site. Sewer connections have commenced, marking another crucial step forward. In-ground electrical works are nearing completion and plumbing under slab works have been completed for 65% of the buildings.

The chip seal has been applied to the northern section of the internal road, and the first slab has been poured for terraces 23 – 28.

Looking ahead, and pending weather conditions, several important tasks are planned. We will continue under slab electrical and plumbing works for the remaining buildings and take delivery of the first prefabricated framing ready for installation.

Detailed excavation and footings for the new detention basin will commence, preparing the site for the construction of blockwork walls.

With approvals now in hand, we will begin the new stormwater connection works to the neighbouring townhouse development carpark area. Additionally, River Road civil and road widening works are set to commence in early June. Concrete slab pouring will continue, progressing from north to south across the site. The first timber frames and trusses are scheduled for delivery, with carpentry work to commence shortly thereafter. Frame delivery will continue as slabs are prepared. We will also begin the installation of permanent perimeter timber fencing and the footings and blockwork for the detention basin.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to make significant progress at Munro by Azure in Bundamba.

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