We are thrilled to share the latest construction update for The Terraces by Azure. Over the past month, remarkable progress has been made, and we are excited to share the key highlights with you.

The pool excavation and the completion of the pool shell have been successfully accomplished. These milestones set the stage for the commencement of the surrounding works on the magnificent pool pavilion and the captivating communal area that will surround it.

Terraces 1 to 5 have reached an exciting stage with the completion of the floor system and first-floor framing. Currently, trusses are underway, contributing to the steady advancement of the construction process.

Terraces 6 to 9 have made significant strides, completing the ground floor framing and floor system. The construction of the first floor is now in progress, adding another level of grandeur to the development.

Terraces 10 to 17 have also achieved notable milestones. The tie-down process is complete, and the cladding work is underway. The perimeter scaffold has been finished and the main roofing has been successfully completed, bringing this building closer to its final form.

Terraces 18 to 24 have demonstrated impressive progress, as the floor system and first-floor framing have been completed. Currently, trusses are in progress, showcasing steady advancement in the construction process.

Terraces 25 to 38 have reached significant milestones with the completion of the first-floor framing and trusses. The tie-down process is underway, and the cladding work is in progress. In addition, we have commenced the construction of planter boxes, further enhancing the allure of the residences.

Terraces 39 to 53 have witnessed remarkable advancements. The tie-down process is nearing completion, and the cladding work is in full swing. The perimeter scaffold has been completed, ensuring safe access and solid support for ongoing construction activities. The main roofing has been successfully accomplished. The electrical, plumbing, and AC rough-in are also nearing completion, paving the way for an exciting phase of interior finishing work, including plasterboard wall and ceiling sheeting.

At The Terraces by Azure, our dedication to delivering a residential project of the highest quality remains unwavering. As construction continues, we eagerly anticipate sharing more updates on the exciting progress taking place. Stay tuned for more exciting developments to come!

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